Wide open spaces. Old horses. Neon signs. Cowboy history. Just a few of the things that keep me inspired. 

One of the most vital parts of a cattle drive is the remuda, which is the herd of horses brought along as fresh mounts for the cowboys. Each horse serves a different purpose based on its rider
s job, but all keep the operation going. In the same way, I believe that all aspects of design should serve a purpose that helps achieve the main goal, whether that goal is reviving a brand, simplifying a process, or shedding light on a problem. 


Growing up in a military family, I traveled around the country and experienced a variety of regions and cultures, but nothing struck me quite like Texas. When Im not designing you can find me snapping photos (preferably in Palo Duro Canyon), enjoying live music at a Hill Country dive bar, or heading down the trail with my horse, Keebler.


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